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2,300,000 đ
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181 Le Thanh Ton st., Quận 1, TP.Hồ Chí Minh (Bản đồ)
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18/5/16 lúc 09:11
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    Get on a speedboat and head to Southern Vietnam where a delightful countryside experience is waiting for you. It’s a one-day exploration of the colorful Mekong Delta. Smile at mother nature’s brilliant creations as you pass through canals and then, witness the daily fun activities of the kind locals including traditional music, cycling on village roads, rowing boats, and honey tea cultivation. You will aslo enjoy a gourmet lunch at a picturesque island and visit a coconut candy factory.MEKONG DELTA 1 DAY TRIP
    This tour will prove to you that Vietnam’s rursl area is truly stunning. Come join this memorable adventure now.

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