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Motorcycle rental - Used motorcycle for sale or buy agian in Da nang

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ID Topic : 9098511
Loại Xe:
Xe ga
Tình trạng:
Đã sử dụng
Giá bán:
15,500,000 đ
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Địa chỉ liên hệ:
196 Trần Cao Vân, Quận Liên Chiểu, Đà Nẵng (Bản đồ)
Ngày đăng:
26/3/18 lúc 09:50
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    Dear all,
    The Motorbike Station are offering some services in Da nang such as
    1. Motorcycle rental
    2. Used motorcycle for sale or buy agian
    3. Motorbike tour form Hoi an, Da nang, Hue
    This is a comment about our service by customer on Tripadvisor
    Motorcycle rental - Used motorcycle for sale or buy agian in Da nangBest Motorbike Rental in Da Nang
    “The motorbike was in excellent condition and included two good quality helmets!!
    Also, the price was good, so we got great value for our money.
    Having a motorbike gave us a lot of flexibility to our travelling plans and we were able to make last minute decisions with the peace of mind of having a vehicle always at our disposal.
    When we rented the motorbike, the owner recommended us a few good places to go in Da Nang as well as what to visit in Hoi An.
    And when we returned the motorbike, he even offered to give us a ride back to the train station, so we did not have to walk with our heavy backpacks. This fantastic customer service was much appreciated!!

    IN CONCLUSION: We have rented over 10 different motorbikes around Southeast Asia in the last month, and this was by far the BEST one.”

    On Tripadvisor – The Motorbike Station
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